Art Garage Sale: Four Works by Jonathan

Update on the Sale: All four paintings are sold!  Thanks to those of you who retweeted and shared this post. 

It’s time to move some art. We spent the morning at a garage sale, visiting some friends up in Berthoud. They were helping their pre-teen son host a garage sale and lemonade stand to raise money for a charity he’s supporting.

We picked up some goodies: Nancy Drew paperbacks, foam bath letters and a little pink purse. The girls were beyond thrilled.

This got me thinking—we need to liquidate some art that never found a home this year. Jonathan has a series of four three Little People acrylic on board paintings that really need to leave our basement and be enjoyed by someone. So, this is a little weird for us, having relied on a gallery to sell all of Jonathan’s paintings for years, but here goes: we’re going to try to move these works via the power of social media. It’s #artastic.

We can’t let these go for garage-sale prices, but we can assure you that you are getting a fabulous deal over what you would pay in an art gallery. That’s because we don’t have to give the gallery half, which is the standard arrangement.

Each painting is $250, with free first-class shipping included. We can ship immediately or you can pick up your painting if you are in the Denver area. Details below! We’ll push this via Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook, and then report back if it worked or not.

If you are interested in purchasing, please email jennifer AT fatandappy DOT com.

Please note: Each painting is acrylic paint on illustration board. Illustration board is a flat surface, almost like a heavy stiff paper. The painting will ship unframed; you will want to protect and display it in a frame with glass. Each painting is signed and dated by Jonathan (2011) with the title of the work on back.

A note about the backgrounds: They look a bit purple-ish in the photos below. The backgrounds are actually white.


SOLD Friendly Skies, Acrylic on Board, 16×20, 2012


SOLD Little Hero, Acrylic on Board, 16×20, 2012


SOLD Little Princess #4, Acrylic on Board, 16×20, 2012


SOLD Good Knight, Acrylic on Board, 16×20, 2012


We’re Making a Children’s App for iPad!

We’ve been missing from the blog world lately because we’re working feverishly on our latest project. It’s a children’s app for iPad called Healthy Creatures. The app is aimed at ages 3-8. Kids can make creatures out of fruits and vegetables, which makes playing with your food all the more fun! The launch of the new app is set for the end of July.

Our new company is called Fat and Appy. We plan to make as many apps as we can (if the first one sells okay, of course!) and also create fun digital games that go with Jonathan’s children’s books. His first book he wrote and illustrated—Love Is in the Air— is coming out Dec. 20, 2012 from Penguin USA.

Please head over to Facebook and like us. Your clicking “like” gives us so much confidence! We’re also on Twitter @ fatandappyfun and on YouTube. We just posted our first video. Jonathan talks about app development and how he came up with the art direction.

By the way, I did this entire blog post on the iPad…first time I’ve done it that way!

Thanks so much for your support. We couldn’t do any of this without you!