Art in the Home

Paintings are funny  things—they live in your head (in Jonathan’s case) and in your home while they are coming into existence. I often get attached to certain works Jonathan does and it’s a little bit sad when they leave us, whether it’s to the gallery or for a commission. I don’t get too sad though—after all, the baby’s gotta have new shoes!

From time to time, though, we hear about where a painting ended up and it’s like meeting an old friend. This month, we met over email some collectors who shared with us a glimpse of where a handful of Jonathan’s paintings landed after they left the Matre Gallery several years ago. The couple, who live in Atlanta, graciously allowed us to share the pictures with you. I adore their home and their style. And the paintings? I have to admit I was a bit moved when I saw them again. I remember the vintage toys and the fresh canvases Jonathan built in our old bungalow near downtown Atlanta.

In the end, these pictures from such an art-loving couple, brought us a lot of joy. Hello, old friends! And hello, new friends.


5 thoughts on “Art in the Home

  1. I adore that rug! I’ve seen a couple that look similar that have been DIY’d but a project of that size is beyond my neo-crafting skills. Do you know where the homeowners purchased it or if it was DIY’d?

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