A Peek at Woodward and McTwee

A scene from the children's book Woodward and McTwee by Jonathan Fenske

This illustration is from the forthcoming Woodward and McTwee children’s book written and illustrated by Jonathan Fenske, to be published by Penguin USA in March 2014. Here’s the marketing blurb from the publisher:

“Woodward and McTwee are the silliest of friends. A bird and a hippopotamus could not be more different, but they love playing hide-and-seek and pulling pranks on each other. Join Woodward and McTwee for a ton of fun with two hilarious stories!”

I’ve loved watching this book take shape and morph and then finally find a home at Penguin. Hurray! Can’t wait until it comes out. I know Jonathan is eager, too. Meanwhile,  he’s working on a series with three books, the first being called A Pig, A Fox and A Box (I’ve blogged about this one before). I’m picking up again where I left off on Magical Raintree Daughters (a middle grade adventure novel) and we’re both trying to keep up with the girls. Also on the to do list: put the garden to bed, weed the stones in the front and backyard and start pruning our climbing roses. Confidential to YouTube video makers: your advice on rose pruning is horribly inconsistent. I am lost.
Thanks for stopping by. We love ya’ll so much and it’s great to share art and beauty with you. And broken lightbulbs. And messy houses. Until next time!

3 thoughts on “A Peek at Woodward and McTwee

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