Housework: I Am Not the Maid

We have this thing in our home where little pink and polka-dotted socks roll inside-out and then beach themselves all over the house, apparently in a last-ditch effort to enjoy life before succumbing to a long, slow journey to the laundry.

I find these socks, these mournful little piles of cotton, in all rooms. It’s heart-breaking. Who will take a stand and care for their lost plight?

A picture of a sock on a floor

Sometimes, pedestrians walk past without a second glance. Cold, unfeeling monsters. In cute pajamas.

photo 2-4

Oftentimes, the socks stick together against all odds, defying the inevitable, and link hands, for one last fling.

A picture of brown socks on a couch

This is life from here. Lots of little girl socks. All over the house. And a lone woman crying, “I am not the maid!” This falls on deaf ears. And naked feet.

A sample illustration from Guppy Up! by Denver illustrator Jonathan Fenske

An excerpt from Guppy Up! by Jonathan Fenske (Penguin USA, 2013)

2 thoughts on “Housework: I Am Not the Maid

  1. Just got back from two weeks with my grandkids. Those cute little colorful cotton puffs also are left behind in the back of their mini van. Far, far from sight of the grandma gathering clothes to do the laundry. I suggest some kind of consequence to the owner, like raspberry kisses to the belly for every found sock 🙂

  2. lol! “And naked feet.” The other day I found “A” taking hers off and putting one on her stuffed elephant to keep his head warm and the other to keep his body warm. Of course, now that Elephant has been returned to his natural state, I have no idea what has become of the socks.

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