About Jonathan & Jennifer

We are Jonathan and Jennifer Fenske. Jonathan is an artist and children’s book author and illustrator. His books, Love Is in the AirGuppy Up! and Woodward and McTwee, are published by  Penguin USA. Penguin will also publish A Pig, A Fox and A Box in 2015.  Jennifer is a novelist who manages Fat and Appy full time. Fat and Appy is our line of modern art prints on canvas for children designed by Jonathan. We know it’s hard to find modern art for kids’ bedrooms that is unique and affordable. Fat and Appy offers parents modern wall decor that explores Jonathan’s love of vintage toys and Fisher-Price playthings.

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If you want to jump right into the blog, here are a few of our most popular posts:

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Art in the Home

We are also collaborating on a Middle Grade adventure novel called Magical Raintree Daughters. Jennifer is the author; Jonathan is doing the illustrations.

The title of our blog, “I Love Your Work, Jonathan Fenske,” is a cheery reference to the oft-repeated phrase we’ve heard at gallery openings, usually slurred over one too many glasses of complimentary wine.

Our most important collaboration is as parents to three young daughters. Through their eyes, we are seeing new ways to embrace art and beauty. This blog is one way we’re exploring where art, family and creativity meet. We’re glad you stopped by.


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